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Eda Center

The scale model of the town along Kidričeva Street showcasing Edvard Ravnikar’s heroic-Modernistic urbanism of the ideal city serves as the starting point – the original text – for our building’s design. This way, a clear relationship to the quality of the existing, partially realised Modernist town can be established while upgrading it according to the urbanistic knowledge and requirements of today. The urban character of the building is expressed by the terraced square, the passageway, the public programme, and the role of the building in the city skyline. The main guideline for the design of the new skyscraper is restrained and elegant luxury. The building is a functional machine. The programme is an interaction of the commercial businesses on the ground floor, the offices on the lower floors and the flats on the upper floors of the block. The cross-section is like a diagram resembling a cross-section of an ocean liner. There is a multi-level underground car park providing easy access for the residents, the employees and the visitors. Fast lifts lead up to luxurious flats with plenty of light and the best view in town. The building’s specific identity that also provided it with its name, Eda, originates in aviation since the building represents a new environment for the memorial to Slovene aviation pioneer Edvard Rusjan.

Unfortunately, tthe building completion didn’t go according to our plans.

Location: Delpinova 18b, Nova Gorica

Client: Euroinvest d.o.o.

Competition: 2005

Project: 2007

Built: 2011

Photo: Miran Kambič

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