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Small Apartment Renovation

The apartment is located in a quite average newly built apartment building. The best features of the original apartment were proximity of the city centre and the two terraces on both sides of the living quarters. The apartment is in the semi-attic of the building, so it was necessary to take into account the vertical system of conduits leading to the roof of the building. The main idea was to create a long furniture element that connects the two terraces. It serves as kitchen counter at one side, as a living room cabinet, as a cover for the heating radiator and so on. Different functional elements are wrapped around the vertical conduits, creating two boxes. The first box separates the kitchen from the living room, and houses kitchen elements: fridge, oven, cabinets and a kitchen hood. The second box separates the entrance, wardrobe, and the study from the living quarters. It houses a toilet, a large closet and a television. The plan is open and airy, without any corridors. The living quarters are grouped around one of the boxes, while the bedroom and the study are attached to ends. The design includes a large bathroom with whirlpool tub attached to the main bedroom, separated from the bedroom by a glass wall, which serves as a functional boundary as well as provides some privacy with its sexy colourful print.

Location: Ljubljana

Client: Private

Project: 2007

Built: 2007

Photo: Miran Kambič

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