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Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana

The project for the new Academy provides an answer to the functional demands but does not freeze them in a rigid floor plan design. The building is designed as a neutral frame for working and creating within it. Each storey is an open, flexible space supplied by vertical communication- and service cores. While the structure and infrastructure provide a fixed frame, everything else is flexible. Derived from a square grid, the structure of the new building is a system connecting heterogeneous spatial, functional, and technical elements into a congruous whole. It engenders open or closed creative spaces which are reminiscent of a workshop or a factory. The premise of flexibility is to design architecture as something which will only be finalised by use, bound to undergo change in time.

Project team: Rok Bogataj, Miha Dešman, Eva Fišer Berlot, Vlatka Ljubanović, Katarina Pirkmajer Dešman, Maša Mertl, Matic Vrabič

Location: Ljubljana

Client: Ministry of education and sports

Competition: 2016

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