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Lake Podpeško waterside layout

By village Jezero, in valley Zajezero lies an almost completely circular karst lake measuring around 130 metres in diameter. Its location is part of Grade I protected area of Nature Park Ljubljana Moors and is listed as a natural monument. Next to the road, on the edge between the slope of Sv. Ana and valley Zajezero, on the highest and outermost edge of the grassy surface, a building is sited – a long gesture which separates the area of the road and car park from the natural area of the lake. The homogenous gesture integrates a range of content: lounging by the waterside, summer swimming activities, a socially active park, as well as experiencing the nature park and interpreting the natural and cultural heritage by means of information boards. The gesture comprises three elements: a walk-on surface – the boardwalk, walls, and a roof. The walk-on surface is raised and only makes contact with the ground at the foundation points. Towards the road, it is delimited by a partially transparent timber wall; the light timber roof offers protection from the sun and rain. Each of the boardwalk’s elements begins and ends in a different spot. The gesture is concluded by a timber panoramic tower sited between the lake and one of the tributaries to the lake. The simple wooden structure of the tower, where the steps and the railings also play a structural role, makes it possible to experience the specific shape and beauty of the lake. The four-storey tower is composed of straight stairs linking individual floors, and small panoramic platforms oriented differently on each floor.

Location: Lake Podpeško jezero

Client: Municipality of Brezovica

Project: 2014