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Holiday house BNKS

The concept of living in a house follows the blurred boundaries between the exterior and interior space. The house comprises four small buildings and four exterior spaces – the exterior space becomes the interior, the interior space transitions into the exterior as an entwinement, depending on the season, the time of day, wind, sun, etc. The placement of volumes, their relative shifts, sizes and relationships form the exterior covered spaces; in turn, the exterior spaces connect the four volumes so as to be one building together. Under a single roof, there is an arrangement of four thermally insulated volumes. In summer, the passage from one to another is done across the exterior space whereas in winter, they are linked to one another by means of a heated connection. In the summer time, adequate wind is allowed to the covered patio, while sheltered spots and anterooms to the heated spaces are provided for colder periods. The building material is heat-insulating brick exposed on the outside in its materiality. The solid walls feature proportioned window and door apertures fitted with timber fittings and include recesses for outdoor furniture. The patio may be closed by sliding panes at the two walkways to the garden, and by doors at the other two. The roof is flat, featuring a cantilevered cornice made of clay roof tiles.

Location: Novigrad

Client: Private

Project: 2019

SITFASADE – kopija