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Center Barje

Črna vas features a linear settlement design. There is a ditch to the left and right of the road, and houses behind them. Typically, the house stood as close to the road as possible, sited at the front of a narrow and long plot. Behind it, there was a livestock barn and in some cases a farm outbuilding. The property continued with fields and meadows, marked off by ditches on either side. The design was informed by encountering the specific landscape of the moors, defined by water, peat, soil, plants, and wood. Soft, unsteady ground, shades of brown and yellow – the Ljubljana Moors as depicted by artist Tone Lapajne. The design establishes the fluidity of the space in the east-west direction, from road Ižanka to stream Iščica. The extant school building is the composition’s “head”. The new development – a modular design of the open space – forms a protected square-shaped square intended to host events. Entering the square, there is a colonnade with a marketplace on one side while on the other, facing the sun, a colonnade with a cafe and service spaces. From the square, the space and the views flow across the portico and the colonnade towards the landscaped east section of the area, where the urban layout gradually transitions into the landscape. The modular design enables adaptations and augmentations.

Project team: Maja Cvelbar, Ilina Cvetkova, Miha Dešman, Lucija Draginić, Žiga Erjavec, Eva Fišer Berlot, Gaja Golob, Marko Horvat, Vlatka Ljubanović, Katarina Pirkmajer Dešman

Location: Ljubljana

Client: Municipality of Ljubljana

Competition: Recognition in competition, 2019

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