Renovation of the Municipality of Grosuplje

The required new office spaces were secured in the attic by means of a simple but clever structural intervention by the architects. By raising the facade an additional storey, the once-unremarkable building gained a suitable conclusion. The entrance was moved to the main facade facing the street and connected it with a new staircase, thereby logically and functionally revamping the inner layout of the building. The corridor-based design of the floor plan was retained, yet by adding new conference rooms along the side facades, the corridors received a logical conclusion and the necessary lighting.

Project team: Katarina Pirkmajer Dešman, Miha Dešman

Location: Taborska cesta 2, Grosuplje

Client: Občina Grosuplje/Municipality of Grosuplje

Project: 1991

Built: 1993

Photo: Bogdan Zupan