Memorial Brezarjevo Brezno

The memorial marks two sites. The large Brezarjevo abyss, the killing- and burial site of several hundred members of Slovene Home Guard executed in June 1945, is secured by a timber fence. Attached to the rock are a low iron cross and a stone plaque with a dedication. On a nearby meadow in Kucja valley, to the north of Podutiška Road, where the Brezarjevo abyss victims were reburied in July 1945, a large iron cross and a stone plaque with an inscription are attached to the rock. Both crosses are designed as an outline with the forest backdrop showing through.

Project team: Katarina Pirkmajer Dešman, Miha Dešman

Location: Brezarjevo Brezno, Podutik, Ljubljana

Client: Municipality of Ljubljana

Competition: 1991

Project: 1991

Built: 1991

Photo: archive