House NM

The concept of the design for the new single-family home derives from the way of living in the existing home. The new house adheres to the old house’s qualities, it maintains the orientation, the views, the openness and the connection with the exterior space. The house will serve as the hub of the extended family, the centre of a dynamic social life with friends, and a home providing good living for the couple in their future life period. All of the above serves as a guideline for the concept of organising the living and sleeping spaces. The house is not large. It has a varied and spacious ground floor, a rationally organised upper floor, and a basement with service- and storage spaces. By means of ample glass surfaces – allowed by the specific (northern) orientation and covered decks (western orientation)  – the ground floor is connected with the garden.

Location: Novo mesto

Client: Private

Project: 2018