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Vodice Municipal Centre

Indistinct surrounding and low quality of existing buildings open a unique opportunity for architectural, urban and landscape design of buildings and spaces. We propose a green framework, outlining single buildings. The buildings themselves are more or less orthogonal and compact while the in-between spaces are organically shaped.  Each new element refers to the village and its wider context: the village centre, its edges and the open landscape. Four building form a composition creating the village core with narrow thoroughfares, a ceremonial square, and a metaphor of the agora in relation to the church. A sequence of diverse urban spaces emerges.

Project team: Rok Bogataj, Miha Dešman, Eva Fišer Berlot, Vlatka Ljubanović, Katarina Pirkmajer Dešman, Tina Javornik

Location: Vodice

Competition: 2013

Client: Občina Vodice/Municipality of Vodice