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Bokalce Castle Area

The new Bokalce Castle area development project combines living, learning, work, entertainment, politics and culture. The goal is to ensure the highest quality of programme, architecture and urban design, suited its remarkable position and history. Our architectural and urban design makes sure that the new development fits into the wider structure of the city while retaining its own particular identity. The Bokalce Castle area is visually quite exposed while being at the same time immersed into the greenery. A replacement western wing along with a new wing completes the Bokalce Castle itself. The castle building retains its dominant position in the new development. While the masterplan is regular in the centre of the complex, it becomes increasingly organic towards its edges, gradually blurring the boundaries between the built and the natural environment.

Project team: Rok Bogataj, Miha Dešman, Eva Fišer Berlot, Vlatka Ljubanović, Katarina Pirkmajer Dešman, Staša Filipi

Location: Bokalce, Ljubljana

Client: Private

Urban Planing Competition: 2012

Shared first prize